At its core, TriniPixel is a blog, plain and simple. However to clear the air on any assumptions or misunderstandings, here are some key points on what TriniPixel is not.

It’s not a Course Website

There will be mini-tutorials, recommendations, advice and guidelines on Trinipixel, however, it’s not a course-driven site. That means you won’t find courses on and there will be no additional hidden content, or paywalls anywhere, which brings us to the next point…

There are no Paywalls

Another popular business model for information blogs is paywalls. That is locked away content that becomes available when you pay to access it. It’s locked behind a “wall” that requires you to pay, hence “paywall”. There’s none of that here. Information TriniPixel is free and supported by non-intrusive ads.

We’re not trying to sell merchandise

TriniPixel is definitely a cool-sounding name, however, there is none and in the foreseeable future, no intention to sell “TriniPixel” merch or products branded with TriniPixel’s name. If by some chance you do see any unauthorised branded merch, do notify us!

It’s not a News Media Blog

TriniPixel is about digital, technology, online and all things related. These industries, often referred to as the “Tech Industry” is constantly evolving and updates occur quite frequently across the world. Trinipixel doesn’t cover or intend to cover updates as they happen. We will address updates to related topics on Trinipixel, but we’re not intending to be the go-to destination as they happen or when they make an impact. These posts aren’t meant to be time-sensitive.

No affiliation with Google

Google has the Pixel phone, and the word “pixel” in TriniPixel may sound like an attempt to be associated with Google Pixel or at least piggyback off the brand name. One may even think it’s a Google-affiliated brand. That’s not the case here. While there may be Google Ads related to the name, “pixel” is a technical term and can be used broadly. In TriniPixel it can represent digital, visual and otherwise related which is what the site is. Apologies in advance for any misunderstanding.

TriniPixel is not a foreign entity

There are so many foreign organisations posing and operating in Trinidad under seemingly local brand names and appearances, but TriniPixel isn’t one of them. It’s a 100% local-born and bred brand focused on a Trinidad and Tobagonian demographic. So yuh safe!

It’s not an Affiliate Marketing Site

TriniPixel will cover so many platforms, both foreign and local; a majority will go in-depth about these platforms, but unless stated otherwise, Trinipixel doesn’t earn a commission from doing so.

That about covers what TriniPixel is not. Hope this helps and we can get on with the content!

Born and raised in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, I feel the need to make a positive difference and help our people become more digitally educated.

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