In the fast-paced digital landscape, establishing an online presence is vital for businesses aiming to thrive and expand their reach. However, to cut costs many businesses and brands are tempted to hire cheap web designers or developers.

While this might seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance, it often leads to a myriad of downsides and negatives that can ultimately harm your business in the long run.

Let’s delve into the downsides and negatives of entrusting your digital journey to a cheap web designer or developer, while also examining the underlying issues that contribute to this regrettable outcome.

Lack of Experience and Limited Capabilities

Cheap often equates to a compromise on quality, and nowhere is this more evident than in the field of web design and development.

Many cheap web designers lack the experience and expertise necessary to deliver a polished and effective website. Their limited capabilities may result in cookie-cutter designs, subpar functionality, and an overall lacklustre user experience.

Moreover, their unfamiliarity with industry best practices and emerging technologies may hinder your website’s ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving online landscape.

Failed Execution Leads to Misplaced Blame

The repercussions of hiring a cheap web developer extend beyond the scope of aesthetics and functionality; they can tarnish your entire digital journey. When a website fails to meet expectations due to substandard execution, it’s not uncommon for businesses to question the validity of their online presence altogether.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that the failure lies not in the concept of going online, but rather in the execution by the purported ‘expert’ entrusted with bringing your vision to life. By attributing the failure to the individual rather than the concept, businesses can avoid the trap of abandoning their online aspirations prematurely.

Slower Progression and Inability to Evolve

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, agility and adaptability are key to staying ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, cheap web designers often lack the resources and foresight required to keep pace with industry trends and client demands.

Their lack of experience may result in slower progress, as they grapple with unfamiliar challenges and seek guidance from more seasoned professionals.

Moreover, their inability to evolve alongside your business can hinder your online growth and scalability, leaving you stranded in a digital landscape that’s rapidly outpacing your outdated website.

Lack of Support and Communication

Communication is key when it comes to web design and development projects. Cheap designers may lack the professionalism and responsiveness needed to effectively communicate with clients. They may be slow to respond to emails or phone calls, leading to delays and frustration during the project lifecycle.

Furthermore, once the website is delivered, you may find it difficult to get ongoing support or updates from a cheap provider who has moved on to other projects.

Risk of Intellectual Property Theft

When you hire a cheap web designer or developer, you’re entrusting them with sensitive information about your business, including branding assets, proprietary content, and customer data.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous providers may take advantage of this trust by stealing intellectual property or selling your data to third parties. This can have serious legal and financial repercussions for your business, including lawsuits and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Limited Options and Inflexibility

A hallmark of cheap web designers is their reliance on cookie-cutter solutions and generic templates. Rather than offering bespoke designs tailored to your unique brand identity and objectives, they often resort to one-size-fits-all approaches that fail to resonate with your target audience.

Moreover, their lack of experience may prevent them from exploring innovative solutions or pushing the boundaries of conventional web design. As a result, you’re left with a website that fails to stand out amidst the sea of competitors and lacks the flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics.


While it may be tempting to cut costs by hiring a cheap web designer or developer, the risks far outweigh the potential benefits.

From the lack of experience and limited capabilities to the potential for failed execution, security issues and misplaced blame, the risks associated with entrusting your digital journey to a cheap provider are manifold.

Instead, businesses should prioritize investing in experienced professionals who can deliver high-quality results and provide ongoing support and maintenance. By investing in your website upfront, you can ensure that it serves as a valuable asset for your business for years to come.

Born and raised in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, I feel the need to make a positive difference and help our people become more digitally educated.

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